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The business of regulatory labeling continues to shift as the demand for transparency escalates. In the world of industrial products, regulatory compliance is vital.

Consumer and end-user protection are priority number one; however, compliance is not just a safety concern, it’s also a financial business concern. Strict enforcement of mandatory content could result in quarantined or recalled products, financial penalties and fines, and a loss of end-user confidence and trust in your company brand.

CHALLENGE: Current warning tag, while functional, does not adhere to UL regulatory standards

Through quality control during the onboarding a new customer project, it was discovered that the current cord wrap warning tag was not in compliance with UL 817 and immediately needed to change.

Besides needing to ramp up production for the transitioned business, the product itself needed to be updated to ensure regulatory compliance. Time was of the essence.

SOLUTION: Alternative product selection and testing that brings warning tag into compliance

Luckily, TLP has invested heavily in UL registered products throughout their history in industrial labeling. The team was quick to respond, suggesting and testing out an alternate material that already had UL approvals within the portfolio of options. This new construction meets UL requirements of R/C PGIS2 and will approve the warning tag for necessary compliance standards.

Using a pre-approved material / ink / process combination not only saved the cost of listing a new construction (close to $6,000!), but was an enormous time saver in specifying in a new product construction. Approvals of adding a new listing can take 90 days in some cases, and when time is critical, working with an experienced supplier is indispensable.

TLP has the experience, engineering know-how, regulatory investment, and industrial expertise to partner with you on your exacting compliance standards. Contact us to discuss your regulatory labeling needs today!


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