How Does Dating Work in Dubai?

In a country where any public displays of affection between a man and a woman can take them to jail, knowing the dating etiquette is essential. Dubai is an affluent and rather conservative Muslim emirate that is part of the UAE.

If you want to find dates in Dubai, here are some dos and don’ts.

Don’t rely on money or status to impress her

In a country where men are going about in Rolls Royce limos and Bugattis, do you seriously think that a local girl will be impressed by your Visa Gold? By the way, if you really want to get in contact with a local girl, you should first approach her father and earn his trust.

That’s how things work in Dubai. The girls you see unaccompanied in malls, if any, are 100% from abroad. If local women ever go to a mall, they are inevitably accompanied by a guardian and have their hair and sometimes their faces covered by a hijab.

Check out the hookah bars for attractive singles

Hookah bars are Dubai’s social hubs. Young working professionals go there in the evening to chat with friends and chill out. Check them out regularly for potential dates, although they will almost certainly be foreign nationals.

If you find a date in Dubai, be as discreet as possible

If you hook up with someone at the hookah bar, be as discreet as possible. If you decide to go to the mall together on a Saturday afternoon, make sure to be dressed appropriately, meaning that your clothes should reveal as little as possible.

As to gestures of affection, holding hands in public is only legal between a husband and a wife. Also, if you decide to check in at a hotel with your date, the receptionist will almost certainly ask for your marriage certificate.

Taking her to your place is an option only if your neighbors aren’t locals. Because if they are, they may call the police on you. Alcohol is served only at the lobby bars of the big international hotels, and drinks are very expensive.

In sum, it’s best to date within your expat community whenever in Dubai.

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