Will Virtual Reality Replace Reality One Day?

The last few years have seen the Virtual Reality Industry go from strength to strength and with good reason. Google and Samsung released their flagship VR products in 2015 which saw a lot of interest and sparked the big boys like Oculus Rift and HTC Vice to enter the mix with their top of the range products.

With that being said you wouldn’t be considered crazy if were to think that the virtual world that we dreamed of in movies and films back in the 1990s is finally here? We are definitely on the right path but has the impressive technology blinded us from the real implications that VR could have on what we currently perceive as reality. In this article, we look at whether Virtual Reality will replace Reality one day?

Can Virtual Reality be a Substitute for Real Life Experiences?

In short Yes it can, and it the core objective that VR aims to achieve. It tries to create an alternate digital environment by immersing the user’s sense of sight and sound into a simulation. The key measurable for VR is how realistic it feels to the person using the technology. If the device and program excels and creates a simulation close enough to a real experience then eventually the user will not be able to distinguish the artificial environment from the real one. We do not currently have any devices on the market that can replicate a natural environment with 100% accuracy but with high definition displays constantly improving we are not far off.

Why do People want to Use Virtual Reality in real life?

If VR is trying to replicate the real world then why don’t we all just experience them in the flesh? Well, there are many rules in the real world that VR doesn’t have play by. Luxurious excursions and activities cost a lot of money not to mention that most of us have other commitments that stop us from being able to hop on a plane travel the world at a drop of a hat. VR allows us to do this almost instantly. Pop on your goggles and you can be anywhere in the world theoretically doing anything that we could of ever dream of. The list of the possibilities of using VR are extensive and you could talk about them for hours but here are a few reasons on how we think VR will be used in the coming years.

  • Gaming, Media and travel
  • Efficient working in construction and project-based applications
  • Effective working in inhospitable environments such as space and Deep sea
  • To help, heal, or escape through vision therapy.

What is Holding VR Back from World Domination?

We are at a point in the development of virtual reality where the future of the tech is in the balance. Developers are constantly debating on how much they should invest into designing simulations, increasing the techs abilities and most importantly reducing cost. The true VR experience headsets (we’re not talking about Smartphone powered devices here) are currently extremely too expensive for the average person. The process of developing new games, or media to replicate the experience takes too long. Developers are struggling to keep up with the demand of users that they plan on using their devices. There is also nausea and motion sickness that inflicts on many of the users operating the headsets.

We have made strides towards a VR world that cannot be argued however we still have a long way to go until we consider trading in the real world for it.

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