Virtual Reality Porn & Robots Are The Future Of Masturbation

Virtual Reality Porn & Robots Are The Future Of Masturbation

When it comes to ways to masturbate, people have been using any means available. Some of the better known are dildos and vagina simulators. But, you also have people who use crazier and far out objects. For instance, individuals have been known to use raw meat, bottles, pillows, mattresses, bananas, vacuums and many others. All of these things are used in order to achieve better orgasms or self-stimulation. Luckily, things are changing for the better. New innovations and technology are making self-sex more realistic, gratifying and pleasurable.

Virtual reality and VR porn videos are the new methods millions are using for sex and masturbation. You also have real-life dolls or sex robots. For the individuals all over the world who used other means, the new options are amazing. The porn industry has been doing all it can to make it easier and more enjoyable for people to reach orgasms. Additionally, they also want to make sexual gratification simpler. That means letting people have sexual intercourse privately and on their own. That concept is one of the reasons so many view adult content in the first place. They can access pornography and use it to satisfy themselves sexually.

Unlike the past though, the new ways to masturbate are better than ever. There is now teledildonics technology used to create tactile sexual sensations. These internet enabled sex toys allow people to ‘feel’ stimulation via devices which are data-enabled. The high-end sex toys come for both men and women. Combined with virtual reality, masturbation in this form, is unlike anything in the past. It’s the new method of autonomous lovers or virtual reality partners.

The sex dolls of today use teledildonics and virtual reality. Both allow remote sex to look and feel as close to real as possible. Viewing porn using VR gear, is nothing like looking at it through a screen. Instead, a person will get a 180-degree POV as they watch hot characters do all kinds of things. Simultaneously, the VR characters appear in 360 degree angles. That results in an experience which is as real as being inside the porn video. The sex scenes immerse the user from every angle possible. With the right sex toys, they can be stimulated visually and through sensations.

The past few years, adult companies have been adding more VR porn videos. People can find a greater selection when it comes to porn which comes in VR form. If that wasn’t enough, the sex toys are also of higher quality. They are created using material which resemble human flesh. The sex toys or robots, come in full human size or appearing to be human. Private parts in them also look like real vaginas and penises. It helps explain why some of these sex robots can cost so much. Some of them start around a few hundred dollars and go from $5,000 to higher. For those who can afford it, they provide the next best thing to real sex.

Although sex toys and dolls have existed for decades, they are nothing like those found on the market today. That’s because these new sex robots and dolls have VR capability or the teledildonic technology. That combination makes them interactive. Since many of the VR porn videos are interactive as well, it changes the entire dynamic. A person’s sexual fantasy or fetish can be easily carried out. Not only that, it can be done in a more realistic form than ever before. Besides VR, you also have augmented reality to consider. The latter takes VR to the next level. In part, it’s because of AR being able to project 3d graphics into a person’s real world. Either AR or VR, make normal porn viewing a mind-blowing experience. It’s part of why so many become immersed so easily when looking at VR porno.

Virtual reality, AR and sex robots are the future of porn, for various reasons. The first one is because they allow people to get off on their own. They no longer need another person to achieve an orgasm. Not only that, they can do so in a more realistic form than ever before. Additionally, people can do all of this from the privacy of their home or anywhere else. That is very important since sexual fantasies are carried out in private. A person using any of these tools also has the ability to explore. Whatever sexual fantasy or kink they have, can be checked out. Moreover, they can make them come true; even if it is in a virtual reality world or using a sex robot, toy or doll.

On their own, any of these benefits make sex more enjoyable. Adding AR, VR and sex robots, elevate it completely. Some compare it as having the girlfriend or boyfriend experience, without the human hassles. For many, that may be reason enough to try virtual reality porn and sex robots.